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John Deere

Detailed Information

Motor: John Deere 6090, 9.0l / potencia 200kW

Fuerza de tracción: 200 kN

Hidráulica: capcidad bomba hidráulica 210 y 180 m³

Brazo: John Deere CH9 / alcance 8.6, 10 y 11 m

Sistema de control: TimberMatic

Cabezales procesadoras: H425,H270 Series II, H219, H225E (alcance 8.6 m)



The IBC system allows the machinist to direct the harvester head wherever he wants. The intelligent arm control system incorporates sensors that demonstrate accurate head detection and automatically adjusts arm movements and extension.

Version 3.0 of the IBC combines more features that make forestry work easier for the driver. The Feed Assistant prevents the feed from running towards the cabin and the machine, giving the operator safe work processes. Saw Assist prevents sawing into the cab.


TimberMatic Maps tracks the path of the harvester and felled timber with the exact location of each log. At the same time the forwarder can identify the situation in real time. Processor operators can notify on the map of difficult terrain areas. The information is stored in the system and is updated through a cloud.


John Deere G-Series harvesters incorporate pressure sensors into TimberMatic allowing the operator to adjust settings from the cab. With the PC installed in the cabin of the machine, the control of machine conditions is facilitated.

It also has a Remote Display Access (RDA) with which technicians, through the internet, speed up problem resolution times.


John Deere Final Tier 4 engines meet emissions requirements while offering more horsepower and torque. John Deere 6090 PowerTech Plus engine power on the 1270G and 1470G harvesters is 200 kW, nearly 18% more than the IT4 engine on the 6-wheel 1270G and more than 5% more power than the 8-wheel 1270G and 1470G . Torque is 1315 Nm, 190 Nm more than the IT4 engine in the 6-wheel 1270G and 65 Nm more than the 8-wheel 1470G. Even with the increased power, the John Deere FT4 engine is very fuel efficient. Fuel consumption is 10% lower than the IT4 engine.

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